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Tormenting Distance Love

 You being away from me,
 My life is same as hell,
 All the hopes of being together,
 Have nothing but failed..
 When I remember,
 The moments we’d cherished,
 My tears start raining,
 On the verge to be perished..
 As I stand on the precipice,
 And look into the sky,
 My mind gives suggestions,
 To take a step and die..
 But when I listen to my heart,
 My decision gets turned,
 It tells me to hold on,
 And the notion of suicide gets burnt..
 So believing on my heart,
 I can wait for a while,
 Distance cant make us apart,
 All I long for is your smile..
 Distance may be much,
 That may cause me forgetting you,
 But my love for you is such,
 That I will never give up on you..
 So let us wait and watch,
 What God has planned for me and you,
 I know He’ll bring us together,
 For I’ll always be loving you…

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When you find yourself on your own,
Remember that you are not alone,
And when you’re feeling down and blue,
Remember that I’ll always love you.

When I am not here with you,
Remember that our love is pure and true,
I think about you every night and day,
When I’m with you, I want to stay.

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Because Of You

Because of you
my world is now whole,
Because of you
love lives in my soul.
Because of you
I have laughter in my eyes,
Because of you
I am no longer afraid of good-byes.
You are my pillar
my stone of strength,
With me through all seasons
and great times of length.
My love for you is pure
boundless through space and time,
it grows stronger everyday
knowing that you’ll always be mine.

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In Love

I can’t explain why I feel this way,
Everytime you would come my way
I always tremble, feeling nervous,
It’s like I wanna fall down unconcious.
I don’t know what so special about you
That made me fall in love with you.
Maybe that cute face of yours,
Your smiles and ways, yes of course
Everytime you’re by my side
I’d like to stretch my hands open wide
And embrace you tight endlessly
But I can’t, you might turn away from me.

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Power Of Love

Love can change everything you have known
Everything you believe with this feeling shown
A heart beating faster can make two people fly
Make you walk on water in the twinkle of an eye.

It takes control of the heart, mind, body and soul
They fit that place deep inside to make you whole
The elements together fire, earth, water and air
Are nothing without love, in it they all share.

Without the one you love there is nothing it seems
Together the strength can make hopes and dreams
A feeling so breathtakingly gentle lifts you up above
This natural passion comes with the power of love.

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Until Then

A tear drips from my face.
I want you to stay.
I ask myself, ‘why’,
You must live so far away.

Then I remember,
That you wonder too,
Why I must live,
So far away from you.

If only we could be together,
And never part,
Then I would truly be happy,
deep down in my heart.

I know it will be, someday.
But until then,
I must let my feelings for you flow,
From my heart to my pen.

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Love Sonnet

Can you see how I adore you?
Bliss brings lovelight to my eyes
You speak ~ I hear a symphony
Flowers dance, the bluebird flies.

When first we met, I just knew
No other soulmate could there be
To settle deep within my heart
And cherish its key eternally.

Playing our parts for all to see …
We are “Sylvia and Dante Rossetti”
Whene’er we talk, where’er we walk
Moon and stars sprinkle confetti.

Bliss brings lovelight, never gloom
Shall we dance where roses bloom?

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Your Arms Around Me

Put your arms around me
Hold me just like this
Cover me with love
So much I don’t exist

Heal me far from pain
Start long before you end
Give me reasons to believe
We should let this love ascend

Free me from my worries
Obliterate my doubt
Leave the past behind
And seek the future out.

Go beyond your limit
(We’ll pass the others by)
And make love part of history
That no one can defy.

So, put your arms around me
Let our hearts demure
Hold me for as long as you can
And let this love endure.

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